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Local name: Burgplatz

The historic square lies directly on the banks of the Rhine, connecting it to the Old Town. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, but its present appearance is the result of a thorough reconstruction in 1995. Formerly, there was a castle and palace complex at the square, of which only the tower housing the Shipping Museum has survived to the present day.

The square is surrounded by numerous cafes and restaurants that put tables and umbrellas outside in the summer. More than a dozen works of art can be seen here, including a monument to the Battle of Worringen and a stone statue of a woman.

The square is a popular place not only for walkers, but also for roller skaters and skaters. Various cultural and sports events are regularly held there. Open-air concerts, festivals and fairs take place here. In the 1990s, an open-air cinema was regularly organized here. The World Cup ski run also led through the square.


Attractions inside

    Burgplatz map
    Burgplatz 40213 Düsseldorf , Germany