#1  Altena
#358  Germany

Castle Altena

Local name: Burg Altena

The town of Altena is dominated by a medieval castle standing on a rock. The stone building with two towers and defensive walls fits beautifully into the landscape. Inside there is now a museum, guest house and restaurant.

The castle was built in the 12th century by the Mark family who ruled the area. Initially, a small stronghold guarded the trade route. Over time, it was also increased. From the 18th century it became the headquarters of the garrison. The army's stay ruined the building. Its current appearance is the result of a thorough reconstruction from the beginning of the 20th century. The Gothic appearance of the castle was then restored. In 1912 a tourist hostel was opened in its rooms. Today, you can admire the museum collections of former weapons, furniture, clothes, landscape painting and artistic handicrafts.

The castle consists of two parts, upper and lower. The lower is now only a courtyard between two massive gates. All buildings are concentrated in the upper part. Around the courtyard are two residential buildings, two towers with different cross-sections and the former castle chapel.



Castle Altena map
Fritz-Thomee-Straße 8058762 Altena, Germany