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Park and Gardens

Local name: Parc et Jardins

The park and gardens surrounding the castle in Valençay were built at the beginning of the 21st century in the style of the original gardens, the appearance of which has been preserved in the engravings from 1705. They consist of several separate parts - French gardens, the Ducal Garden in terraces, an aromatic garden with 300 species fragrant plants and a landscape park.

There is a well-marked 4 km long educational trail running through the park. It can be covered on foot or with an electric wheelchair. During the walk, it is worth paying attention to the ice factories in which ice is stored all year round and to the cave in which about a thousand bats from 11 different species are sheltered. The cave is included in the Natura 2000 network.

Near the forest trail there is also a picturesque pond and a deer park, where you can observe a herd of fallow deer. For the youngest there is a mini-farm with farm animals, the Great Napoleon's Labyrinth, a castle for children and a scent game built in the Duchess's Garden.


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Rue de Blois 236600 Valençay , France