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Jaude Square

Local name: Place de Jaude

Jaude Square is Clermont-Ferrand's main square, where social life is focused. It is a spacious square with important urban buildings: the Jaude Gallery, opera theater, Saint-Pierre-des-Minimes church, historic tenement houses, cafes, a fountain and monuments of Vercingetorix on horseback and General Desaix.

The history of Jaude Square probably dates back to antiquity, Roman times. In the Middle Ages it was an open watery-swampy area and it housed mills and tanneries. In the following centuries, more buildings were gradually built up. In the 17th century a fountain and a pond were installed here, in the 18th century horses and firewood were sold here.

The intensive urbanization of Jaude Square took place in the 19th and 20th centuries, when it took on a contemporary character. The square is almost completely reserved for pedestrians. It was paved with basalt and limestone. Urban events take place here, especially celebrating the sporting successes of the ASM Clermont rugby club.


Attractions inside

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    Place de Jaude 63000 Clermont-Ferrand , France