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Chamonix PlanPraz

Local name: Chamonix PlanPraz

The Brévent cable car leads from the Chamonix Valley to the Brevent summit with a height of 2525 meters above sea level, which offers a view of the Mont Blanc summit. The railway is divided into two sections: the first is from Chamonix to Plan Praz, whose height is 1999 meters above sea level, while the next from Plan Praz to the summit. Two restaurants have been prepared for visitors, including the panoramic restaurant 'Le Panoramique' at the summit of Brévent.

Plan Praz is an ideal starting point for trips to Lake Corn and hiking in the direction of Grand Balcon Sud, as well as a convenient area for paragliding. However, after reaching the summit of Brévent you can choose the trail to Aiguillette des Houches and see, among others Bellachat hostel.

The railway is regularly used by residents and skiers.


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