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Annecy Castle - Museum

Local name: Musée-Château d'Annecy

Annecy Castle towers over the town's buildings and is its most characteristic building. Built in the 13th century and extended over the next 300 years, it is now an example of the changes that castles in France underwent from the Middle Ages to the heyday of the Renaissance.

The castle was the seat of the Counts of Geneva. In the 17th century, it began to decline after several fires. Its reconstruction and renovation took place in the mid-twentieth century. The city authorities have placed the Museum of Folk Art of the Alps here.

The castle is a structure consisting of several separate objects. The most striking are the massive, square Gothic towers. Apart from them, the facility consists of two residential buildings. The older one represents the Gothic style, while the younger one is an example of French Renaissance architecture. In the interiors, it was possible to reconstruct a large part of the painting decorations. Some rooms are also equipped with medieval and renaissance furnishings. The Folk Art Museum presents paintings, sculptures and handicrafts created by local artists and referring to regional themes.


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