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Salpa Line Museum

Local name: Salpalinjamuseo

The Salpa Line Museum in Miehikkälä is a military history museum devoted to the history of the construction of a fortification complex along the border with the USSR during the so-called the Winter War that was fought between the USSR and Finland in 1939-1940. The main building houses exhibitions and multimedia displays as well as an information center.

The second part of the exhibition covers the external area, where you can see preserved anti-tank bunkers, sleeping dugouts for soldiers and an anti-tank stand with a 7.5 cm PaK 40 cannon. To learn more about their history and purpose, it is worth going on a tour accompanied by a guide.

Every year at the turn of June and July, the Salpa Line Museum organizes a trip, during which participants follow a 50-kilometer trail that runs partly along the Salpa Line. In addition, the museum regularly holds series of lectures on military history.


Attractions inside

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