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Mustila Arboretum

Local name: Mustilan arboretum

The Mustila Arboretum in Kouvola is the largest and oldest arboretum in Finland. It was founded in 1902. Currently, it grows about 100 species of conifers, 200 species of deciduous trees and hundreds of various shrubs and perennials. You can see here both species commonly found in Europe, including spruce, pine, fir, as well as exotic ones, such as the green Douglas fir from North America, reaching 40 m in height.

In the Mustila Arboretum, a large collection of rhododendrons and azaleas has been established, consisting of over 100 species and varieties. They bloom mainly in June and July, so it's the best time to visit the park.

During your visit, you can visit a cafe built in a converted grain warehouse. It has a wide terrace from which you can see the park on clear days.


Attractions inside

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    Mustilantie 5747200 Kouvola , Finland