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number 11 in the city

Bata skyscraper no. 21

Local name: Baťův mrakodrap

The Baty tower was built in the interwar period. It is a functionalist, 16-storey office building, which housed the board office. It is currently the seat of the provincial authorities. There is also an exhibition dedicated to the Bata family and an observation deck.

The development of the Bata family shoe factory was associated with the reconstruction of the city of Zlin. Workers' estates, factory buildings and headquarters were established. The whole assumption was carefully thought out. It uses the latest technological solutions. At the time of construction, the Baty Tower, 77.5 meters high, was the tallest building in the Czech Republic and the second highest in Europe.

It is a T-plan building. On each floor there are open office spaces. About 200 people could work on each of them. The president's office was in a 5 by 5 meter elevator that moved between floors. It is preserved until today.


Attractions inside

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