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Regional Gallery of Fine Arts in Zlín

Local name: Krajská galerie výtvarného umění ve Zlíně

Located inside: Bata Institute

The footwear museum is located in Zlin, where in 1894 Anna and Tomas Bata opened their factory. Currently, it is one of the best known Czech companies in the world and a leading footwear manufacturer in Central Europe. The museum has in its collection shoes and tools for making them. The oldest exhibits come from the 16th century.

The main part of the museum exhibition focuses on the history of Bata's plants. Documents, photos, finished products as well as machines used in production were shown here. The company's history was also a starting point to look at the history of footwear production from medieval times to the present day. Shoemaking equipment, first manufactories and mechanized shoe factories were shown here. You can also see different types of shoes and compare how fashion has changed. Medieval footwear is entirely faithful replicas. Whereas the oldest original are Renaissance shoes.


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