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Cvilin lookout tower

Local name: Rozhledna Cvilín

The Cvilin lookout tower is located in the Low Jeseníky range in the Sudetes. It stands at an altitude of 420 m above sea level. It is a neo-Gothic, cylindrical tower made of stone. From its peak you can admire the panorama of the Jeseníky Mountains with Praděd, and in good weather also the Silesian-Moravian Beskids.

The tower was built in 1903 on the initiative of the Moravian-Silesian Sudeten Mountain Association. It was called Liechtensteinwarte to honor the Union's donor, Count Liechtenstein. It is a building modeled on the towers of English castles from the 15th century. It is 23 meters high and ends with battlement. Until World War II, a small, five-meter tower was placed on its top, which could only be occupied by two people at a time. During the renovation in the 1970s, its remains were pulled down.


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