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Moravian Gallery

Local name: Moravská galerie

Willa Jurkovica is one of the branches of Galeria Morawska. It is surrounded by an Art Nouveau house-studio belonging to one of the most important Slovak architects of the first half of the 20th century. The house is inspired by the Art Nouveau and folk architecture of Central Europe.

Dusan Jurkovic is considered one of the greatest architects of Slovak origin in history. In Poland, he is known primarily as the creator of World War I cemeteries from the Low Beskids. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, its activity was much broader. He designed, among others, the Mausoleum of the Slovak Uprising in Kremniczka or the tomb of Milan Stefnik on Mount Bradlo. He created a style combining folk architecture with Art Nouveau threads.

He designed his home in Brno in this style. He built it in 1906. It is a two-story house with an irregular shape, roofs covered with red tiles and polychromes decorating the walls. The interior has been partially reconstructed to look like it was in Jurkovic's time. Some of the rooms were intended for an exhibition dedicated to his work and items from the original interior design of the house.


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