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Euphrasian Basilica

Local name: Eufrazijeva bazilika

Eufrazijeva bazilika, or Euphrasius Basilica is one of the most valuable monuments of Byzantine art in Croatia. The current building was built in the 6th century on the site of a temple dating back to the 100th century. Inside, early Byzantine mosaics have been preserved, depicting biblical scenes and the 13th-century cyborium at the main altar. The basilica has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 1997.

The patron of the basilica, Saint. Euphrasius is one of the seven disciples of Saint. Peter and St. Paweł, who was sent in the first century with an evangelistic mission to what is now Spain. In the cathedral, in the chapel next to the sacristy, relics of two other great figures of Christianity - Saint. Maura and St. Eleuteriusz (pope from the 2nd century).

The basilica is part of the religious complex, which includes octagonal baptistery from the sixth century, sixteenth-century belfry, colonnaded atrium with a rich collection of stone sculptures and the remains of the episcopal palace, originally erected in the sixth century, and then rebuilt several times.


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