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Dreznik Old Castle

Local name: Stari Grad Drežnik

The old town of Drežnik is located on the outskirts of the small town of Drežnik Grad. On the cliff of the steep canyon of the Korana River there are remains of the castle and defensive walls. Stone walls from two square and one round tower have also survived. Reconstructed mills and ruins are also located along the river.

The Rakovica district together with local authorities initiated a program of protection and restoration of the Old Town of Drežnik. The repair program includes saving the wall structure, repairing the roof of the large internal tower and recovering the remains of the defensive walls.

The first mention of the town, castle and defensive walls dates from 1185. The history of this area is mainly associated with the constant struggle for borders and defense against invasions. Especially during the Turkish conquests, Drežnik Castle was an important defensive bridgehead, repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt.


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