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Vrana Park

Local name: Парк Врана

The former royal palace surrounds the picturesque park. It has over 800 species of trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants. Among the alleys there are several rock gardens and a lake where waterfowl can often be found.

The history of the park dates back to the end of the 19th century. It was established as a landscape park on the initiative of Tsar Ferdinand. Architects from Austria, Germany and Bulgaria, including V. Georgiev, K. Baykushev, Jules Locheau and Wilhelm Schacht, took part in its creation.

In the park there is a restored, two-story hunting lodge from the beginning of the 20th century. Currently, it serves as the official residence of the former Bulgarian Tsar Simeon II and his wife Margarita. In 1998, by the decision of the Constitutional Court, the property was returned to the tsarist family, who handed over the park to the Sofia authorities a year later, which made it possible to open it to the public.


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