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number 26 in the city

Borisova Gradina Park

Local name: Парк „Борисова градина“

The extensive park is the largest and oldest in the city. There are two picturesque lakes and the largest of the city's beaches on its territory. On the shore of one of the lakes, you can see a Japanese garden, founded in 1940. The park also houses the Astronomical Observatory of the Sofia University.

There are tennis courts and a swimming complex waiting for sports enthusiasts. There are two national stadiums in the park, including the Vasil Levski National Stadium and the Bulgarian Army Stadium.

Among the numerous monuments, the monument dedicated to the memory of Bulgarian anti-fascists is worth mentioning. It has the form of a high obelisk under which the bones of 17 activists of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Workers' Youth Union who died in the fight against the regime were laid. Along the alleys there are also numerous monuments depicting outstanding Bulgarians.


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