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Museum Sailing Ship Mercator

Local name: Museum Zeilschip Mercator

The floating museum was founded on a training ship built in 1931. It is a three-masted 78-meter bark sailing ship. The ship was transformed into a museum in 1961. You can visit its original interior and deck. There is also a restaurant here. The sailing ship has the status of a protected monument.

The ship was built in Scotland. It went out to sea for the first time in 1932. Every year about 50 officers were trained on its deck. They took 4-month winter cruises across the Atlantic followed by one-month summer cruises. The ship took part in, among others on a Franco-Belgian scientific expedition to Easter Island, from where the statue known as "God of Tuna" was transported to Brussels.

During World War II, the ship was used in the English Navy, and it was not handed over to the Belgians until 1947. After a thorough renovation in 1956, it was reported to the first international regatta, in which he won the Veteran Medal.


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