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Saint Peter's Church

Local name: Sint-Pieterskerk

The church Piotra, is a 15th-century building whose tower is inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It stands on Grote Markt, one of the most beautiful squares of Leuven, opposite the city hall built at the same time. Inside the Sint-Pieterskerk there are many priceless paintings and sculptures, the oldest of which date back to the 12th century.

In 1998, the presbytery and outpatient temple of the temple were transformed into a museum that presents a collection of sculptures, paintings and metalwork. Among the most valuable works of painting art are paintings by Dirk Bouts (1415-1475): "Last Supper" (1468) and "Martyrdom of St. Erasmus "(1465). Attention is drawn to the monumental tabernacle (1450) in the form of a stone, 12.5 m high tower. One of the oldest monuments is the wooden head of Christ from the 12th century - the remains of a crucifix that burned down during World War I.

In 1505, Joost Matsys designed three stone towers for the church, the central one of which was to reach 170 m. The plan was never implemented.

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Grote Markt 3000 Leuven , Belgium