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Historic City Hall of Leuven

Local name: Historisch Stadhuis van Leuven

The town hall in Leuven is one of the oldest in Belgium and the most beautiful among the Gothic town halls in the world. The three-story building was built between 1439 and 1445. There are 149 sculptures on the richly decorated facades of the town hall. They depict famous figures of merit for the city of Leuven.

In the lowest row, on the ground floor, figures of scholars, artists and powerful Leuven residents were placed. The first floor was filled with figures symbolizing urban freedoms and saint patrons of local parishes. The second floor presents the figures of all city rulers - counts Leuven and princes of Brabant. Originally, there were no statues in the niches of the towers. The figures of the biblical figures currently found there were erected in the years 1895-1913. A total of 87 statues were added.

Inside the building, you can see lounges in the style of Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI and a Gothic room with paintings by André Hennebicq (1836-1904), a Belgian artist specializing in historical painting.


Attractions inside

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