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Great Market

Local name: Grote Markt

The Great Market in Leuven is one of the oldest parts of the city. The square has been in its present form since the 14th century, since the founding of the Leuven Catholic University. It is located at the crossroads of the most famous and popular Leuven hiking trails. Tourists are attracted by the magnificent Gothic architecture and numerous pubs and restaurants. The square is closed to traffic (except public transport buses).

The most interesting architectural monument at Grote Markt is undoubtedly the town hall with exquisitely decorated facades, on which 149 sculptures of famous scholars, saints and people distinguished for Leuven were placed. Other gothic buildings around the square include the church Peter and guild houses.

Grote Markt is the place to organize many cultural events, including concerts in the summer. Every year, the square turns into a floral rug, whose design alludes to the anniversary just celebrated. The maypole tradition is also alive, i.e. dances organized around the square around the decorated stake (in Leuven around the tree) on the first day of spring.


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    Grote Markt 3000 Leuven , Belgium