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Hafelekarspitze 2334 m

Local name: Hafelekarspitze 2334 m

Hafelekarspitze is a mountain peak in the Eastern Alps in the Karwendel range. A very modern train leaves from Innsbruck, which ends at the cable car station that runs along the slope. Its upper station with the top of the mountain divides about 10 minutes on foot. There is a cross at the very top.

Around Hafelekarspitze, the snow has been lying for at least half a year, so be prepared for very low temperatures.
From the summit, there is a beautiful view of Innsbruck, the Inn Valley and the highest part of the Alps.

A. and F. Lieber in 1886 were the first to reach the Hefelekarspitze.
In 1931, a cosmic ray observatory was established there, which was initiated by the Nobel Prize winner, Victor Hess.


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