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Lake Achensee

Local name: Achensee

The lake together with the Ahental Valley forms a natural border between the Karwendel and Rofan mountain ranges. It is 8.4 km long, 1 km at its widest, and 133 m deep, making it the largest water reservoir in Tyrol. It's a great place for water sports, including diving, sailing and surfing.

The water in the lake is clear and clean. Its quality is similar to that of drinking water, and the visibility is 10 meters deep. However, keep in mind that this is a mountain lake, so the water temperature does not exceed 20 ° C. It is slightly warmer at the southern shore, where there is a bathing area popular with families with children.

The lake is in a nature reserve, therefore motorboats cannot be used on it. There are several walking routes along the shores. You can meet many waterfowl here, including grebes, black ducks and mallards.


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