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Železná studnička

Lokaler Name: Železná studnička

Zelezna Studnicka is a natural park located on the outskirts of Bratislava, in the Bratislava Forest Park. There are walking and cycling routes, sports fields and recreational areas. You can make bonfires in designated places and rest in the bosom of nature.

The name of the park comes from the mineral springs with ferruginous water located here. In the nineteenth century, there was a small spa here, which was visited by the Viennese aristocracy. At that time, the park became a favorite vacation spot for Bratislava residents. To this day, it is popular as a place of trips outside the city for several hours.

The park is populated especially on weekends, when you can meet walkers, cyclists and people organizing picnics here. Many people choose to rest on the shores of a small lake, picturesque located on the slopes of a hill. The landscape of the area is very varied. There are hills and valleys separating them, which are great for hiking.



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