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Museum des Kalten Krieges Stevnsfort

Lokaler Name: Koldkrigsmuseum Stevnsfort

The museum is dedicated to the Cold War period. It is located in a fort built in 1950-1953 to defend the entrance to the Øresund Strait. During the visit, you can see the authentic interior of the fort and walk a 1700-meter underground corridor. The tour usually takes 1.5 hours and is only accompanied by a guide.

The fort consisted of two armored towers, each with two 150 mm guns. During World War II, they were side batteries of the German battleship Gneisenau. They had a range of 23 km.

The fort was carved at a depth of 18 m in the Stevns Klint limestone cliff, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was the only fort carved in rock in the country. It was officially closed in 2000, and a museum opened there eight years later.


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