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Bletchley is a city known primarily from the history of World War II. At the time, the local estate of Bletchley Park housed a cryptology center where the codes of German reports were broken. Among others, he worked here Alan Turing, the precursor of the computer age.

The city was founded in the Middle Ages and was primarily a local trade center. In the nineteenth century, it gained great importance for communication in England because one of the most important railroad crossings in the country was located here. The city was always somewhat overshadowed by the Bletchley Park estate consisting of a manor house and extensive park and farmland.

During World War II, Bletchley Park became the headquarters of the British Army's cryptology department. The scientists employed there, led by Alan Turing, worked on breaking the codes used by the Germans to send reports. Among others, break the code of the famous Enigma encryption machine, which significantly influenced the fate of the war. Today, Bletchley Park houses the Cryptology Museum and the National Computer Museum, and these are Bletchley's main attractions.

The town center has buildings mainly from the Victorian period, when the neighborhood was experiencing rapid development. On the outskirts of Bletchey, there are two pretty parks, Mount Farm Park with ponds and bird habitats, Waterhall Park and the Blue Lagoon Nature Reserve.

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