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Водопад Рипалка

Локальное имя: Водопад Рипаљка

The picturesque waterfall on the Gradašnica River is located on the slope of Mount Ozren. In 1948, it became the first nature monument in the country under legal protection. In summer and autumn, the river that forms it usually dries up, so the waterfall itself disappears. For this reason, it is best to visit this place in early spring, right after the snow melts.

The waterfall consists of 11 cascades with a total height of approx. 40 m. The largest section is 11 m high, below it there is a 5-meter fault, and then a series of smaller ones measuring from 50 cm to 2 m in height. Around the river in this section there is lush vegetation that harmonizes with the flowing and falling water.


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    Водопад Рипалка карта
    Водопад Рипалка
    Водопад Рипалка
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