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Национальный парк Родна

Локальное имя: Parcul Național Munții Rodnei

The national park covers part of the Rodniańskie Mountains area. It has been classified as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There is a great variety of landscapes and habitats - mountain peaks and slopes, valleys, forests and karst phenomena. There are 28 glacial lakes here, all lying at an altitude of 1,800 to 1,950 m above sea level, and over 70 caves.

There are over 2,000 species of animals in the park, including protected species. Among the mammals, there are chamois, marmots, Carpathian bears, lynxes, deer, wild boars, foxes and squirrels. You can meet numerous birds here, including storks, herons, ravens, black grouse, eagles and several species of owls and woodpeckers. There are also reptiles and amphibians here, while hiking you can come across frogs, newts, lizards and even vipers.


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