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Природный парк гор Марамуреш

Локальное имя: Parcul Natural Munții Maramureșului

The national park covers the area of the Marmarosh Carpathians. Within it there are rocky slopes and mountain peaks, deep valleys, spruce, mixed and beech forests as well as mountain meadows and pastures. Several rivers flow here, and on the pass between the Farcău and Mihăilecu peaks is the glacial lake of Vinderelu.

Due to the diversity of habitats, the park has a wide variety of fauna. You can meet deer, wolves, wild boars, lynxes and brown bears here. Smaller mammals include wildcats, squirrels, minks, otters, martens, and several species of bats. Many species of birds live here, including capercaillies, sparrowhawks, eagles, woodpeckers and storks. There are also several species of reptiles and amphibians, incl. lizards, snakes, salamanders, newts and several species of frogs.

Numerous tourist routes have been marked out in the park, with a total length of over 170 km. This includes 4 themed routes and 3 bicycle routes.


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