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номер 3 в городе

Авентура Парк Арсенал

Локальное имя: Aventura Park Arsenal

Aventura Park Arsenal is a rope park located in Orăștie. The offer includes 6 routes of various difficulty levels, containing nearly 80 various obstacles and climbing elements, such as bridges, footbridges, barrels, lianas and zip lines.

Two yellow routes are intended for children over 8 years of age and for beginners. Their height does not exceed 3 m in height. The next two routes are marked in green and are 6 meters high. The blue route is intended for intermediate skiers, while for advanced people who like adrenaline, they can choose the red route.


Достопримечательности внутри

    Авентура Парк Арсенал карта
    Strada Codrului 27335700 , Румыния