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Крепость Девы

Локальное имя: Cetatea Deva

The medieval fortress of Deva was built in the mid-13th century at the top of a volcanic cone 378 m above sea level, which gave it a strategic defensive position. At the foot of the hill there is a town of the same name. Currently, the fortress can be reached by a special, small cable car.

The fortress played an important role in the defense of Transylvania. Initially, it was also the seat of the Transylvanian hospodars. In the 17th century it was transformed into a military garrison, but over the years it lost its importance and fell into ruin. At the beginning of the 19th century, it was restored at the behest of Emperor Francis I, who was delighted with it during his visit to Transylvania.

Ultimately, the fortress was destroyed during the Hungarian revolution in 1848-1849. Austrian soldiers took it, and then it was taken over by Hungarian revolutionaries. In August 1849, the powder magazine of the fortress exploded. Many of the soldiers stationed here died then, and the fortress itself was significantly damaged.


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