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Дверная пещера Ионеле

Локальное имя: Peștera Poarta lui Ionele

The Ionele Cave is situated in the Bihon mountain range at an altitude of 800 m. The entrance is on the right slope of the Ordancușa valley, which can be reached via the Arieș valley route. The entrance is 22 meters high, and the cave itself is 386 meters long.

In 2011, work was carried out to facilitate the tour of the cave and ensure greater safety for tourists. Currently, there are metal platforms, stairs and handrails. The cave was also electrified. There is an underground lake that dries up periodically. The water level rises during heavy rains and as snow melts in the mountains.

The cave can be visited all year round, except in winter and early spring. It is the time of hibernation for bats wintering here.


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    Дверная пещера Ионеле карта
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