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Пещера ледника Скэришоара

Локальное имя: Peştera Gheţarul de la Scărişoara

It is one of the largest ice caves in the Western Romanian Mountains. It has been recognized as one of Romania's Seven Wonders of Nature. It can be visited in the company of a guide. Ice forms inside it, which does not disappear all year round. You can also see a variety of stalactites, stalagmites, columns and other dripstone forms.

The cave is 1150 m above sea level. It is 120 m deep and 720 m long. The entrance tunnel is 60 m in diameter and descends 50 m. A metal staircase leads through it, which leads to the Great Hall, which is 108 m long and 78 m wide. There is an ice cliff 18 meters high. In the next rooms you can see, among others collection of 100 ice stalagmites.

The temperature inside the cave ranges from –7C in winter to + 1C in summer, so make sure you wear appropriate clothing before the trip.


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