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Дако-римский археологический комплекс Porolissum

Локальное имя: Complexul Arheologic Daco-Roman Porolissum

The Dacco-Roman archaeological complex of Porolissum is located in the village of Moigrad-Porolissum. It is one of the largest and best-preserved archaeological sites in Romania. There you can see the remains of residential houses, an amphitheater, churches dedicated to Liber Pater and Nemesis, and public baths.

The complex covers an area 300 m long and 230 m wide. It is the site of an ancient Roman military camp established in 106 during the Dak wars of Trajan, which then transformed the city thanks to the lively trade with the Dacians. In 124 Porolissum became the capital of the province of Dacia Porolissensis. The city was gradually abandoned starting in 260 and almost completely abandoned with the withdrawal of the Romans from Dacia in 271.


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Дако-римский археологический комплекс Porolissum карта
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