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Ботанический сад Василе Фати

Локальное имя: Grădina Botanică Vasile Fati

The botanical garden is situated on the bank of the Someș River. It contains rich exotic dendrological collections. In the greenhouses, you can see tropical, subtropical and Mediterranean plants, including palm collections. Around the greenhouse there are e.g. cypresses, nuts and lilacs. There is also a section for ornamental and utility plants.

The garden was founded in 1968 by Professor Vasile Fati. It is set in a former garden and park surrounding a medieval castle, which was later converted into the Wesselényi residence. In the 1950s, when Professor Fati came to Jibou, the residence housed a high school and the garden itself was used for school purposes. It was only on the initiative of the new teacher that the green areas were reorganized, the first greenhouse and a teaching corner were set up.


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