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Озеро Сфанта Ана

Локальное имя: Lacul Sfânta Ana

The lake is located in an extinct crater, Ciomatu Mare, at an altitude of 946 meters above sea level. It is the only volcanic lake in Romania. It has a rounded shape, reminiscent of a painting palette. At its longest point, it is 620 m long, and at the widest point 460 m. Its depth is 7 m. No streams reach it, and the water level depends on rainfall.

The lake has the status of a natural and geological reserve. In winter, they are covered with a layer of ice up to 100 cm. Several hiking trails lead to the lake. During the walk, it is worth visiting the Roman Catholic chapel of St. Anna, standing near the reservoir. In 2018, swimming in the lake was officially prohibited. The exceptions are special, occasionally organized sporting events.

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that the water in the lake contains almost no minerals and is similar to distilled water.


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