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номер 2 в городе

Замок Карей

Локальное имя: Castelul Károlyi

Carea Castle was built between 1892-1894. Currently, it houses the city museum. The restored library, ballroom, lounges, women's boudoir and bedroom, music room and several smaller rooms are available for visitors. They feature original furniture representing a variety of artistic styles including Baroque, Neo-Renaissance and Biedermeier.

In 4 rooms there is a permanent exhibition devoted to local history, traditional crafts and works of art. Here you can see, among others collections of painted ceramics, costumes and tools. In the next 4 rooms there are exhibitions presenting weapons from different eras and hunting trophies from Africa belonging mainly to Dr. Pánczél Zoltán Tibor. There are also European trophies, such as stuffed deer, wild boars, and mouflons, as well as bear and fox fur.


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    Замок Карей карта
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