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Национальный парк Семеник-Каражское ущелье

Локальное имя: Parcul Naţional Semenic-Cheile Caraşului

The national park covers the area of 10 nature reserves under strict protection. It has a variety of habitats, including forests, mountain meadows, canyons, rocky slopes, and caves and waterfalls. One of the reserves, Izvoarele Nerei, houses one of the largest areas of primeval beech forests in Europe.

There are populations of Carpathian bears, deer, wolves, lynxes and martens in the park. Several species of bats occur here, including the large and small horseshoe bats. Among the birds, you can see white-tailed eagles, nightingales, ravens, falcons and several species of woodpeckers. Many reptiles and amphibians also live here, including lizards, vipers, newts and frogs.

There are also caves in the park, some of which are open to the public from spring to autumn. You can see fanciful rock formations and dripstone formations there.


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    Национальный парк Семеник-Каражское ущелье карта
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