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Бигарский водопад

Локальное имя: Cascada Bigăr

The waterfall is located in the Aninei Mountains, in the protected Cheile Nerei-Beusnita Park. It is only 8 m high, but stands out from other cascades with its unusual shape. The water flows in numerous streams over the top of a large, rounded stone, almost entirely covered with moss, and at its feet it forms a small lake.

A local legend tells of a young girl who was locked in a small cave by her parents so that she could not meet a boy named Bigar of her choice. With despair, the girl burst into tears so hard that she was transformed into a waterfall. Her lover drowned in its waters and set out to search for her. Only then could they be together forever.

You can get to the waterfall by one of the hiking trails marked out in the park.


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