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Sochaczew is a city known for the nearby Battle of Bzura field from September 1939. There is also a narrow-gauge railway museum with one of the largest collections of vehicles with this gauge in Poland.

Although the city was founded in the 14th century, not many monuments have survived to our times. The oldest of them are the ruins of the castle in Sochaczew, which was the seat of the dukes of Masovia. The castle was destroyed during the wars with Sweden in the 17th century and never regained its former glory.

In September 1939, one of the most important battles of Poland's defense war took place near Sochaczew, the Battle of Bzura. It is commemorated by an exhibition at the Museum of the Sochaczew Land and the Battle of Bzura, which is located in the classicist building of the former town hall.

The biggest attraction of Sochaczew is the Narrow Gauge Railway Museum, which is a branch of the Railway Museum in Warsaw. About 150 narrow gauge rail vehicles are gathered here, including locomotives with various drives, wagons, vehicles for maintenance of the tracks. There is also an exhibition of railway equipment and narrow-gauge railway station equipment, mainly from Mazovia.

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