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Szczebrzeszyn is a holiday and tourist destination in Roztocze. It is also known from the poem for children by Jan Brzechwa "In Szczebrzeszyn the beetle sounds in the reed".

Although the first records of Szczebrzeszyn come from the mid-fourteenth century, the settlement must have existed here earlier. In the place where the Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary stands, the remains of a Romanesque temple from the 12th century were discovered. Due to its location, Szczebrzeszyn was a multicultural town from the very beginning. To this day, one of its most important monuments is the late Gothic Church of the Dormition of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one of the oldest in south-eastern Poland.

An important place in the history of Szczebrzeszyn is the functioning of the local Jewish community. It dates back to the late Middle Ages, and the local Jewish cemetery is one of the oldest in Poland. The oldest of the more than 400 tombstones preserved here comes from 1545. Among the monuments of the city there is also the baroque synagogue in Szczebrzeszyn, which now houses a cultural center.

Szczebrzeszyn is known throughout Poland from a poem by Jan Brzechwa about a beetle. Therefore, among the attractions of the city are two monuments to the beetle. One is in the square, the other is under the hill where the castle used to stand in the Middle Ages. the Festival of the Polish Language is held in Szczebrzeszyn every year.

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