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Łomża is a town on the Narew with a preserved medieval spatial layout. Unfortunately, its buildings were largely destroyed during World War II and only some of its buildings were rebuilt.

The town was founded at the beginning of the 15th century in the place of an earlier stronghold. It was the commercial and administrative center of northern Mazovia. Among others gathered here local councils and offices for the surrounding region. The street layout in Łomża with the Old Market Square has been preserved from the Middle Ages. The buildings themselves, however, are later here. The town hall comes from the nineteenth century and represents the classicist style, while the arcaded tenement houses were built after World War II, following the model of baroque burgher houses.

The oldest monument and one of the main attractions of Łomża is the late Gothic St. Michael the Archangel, inside which you can see many valuable monuments of sacred art and Renaissance tombstones. Among other monuments there is also a baroque church and a Capuchin monastery, a neoclassical bishop's palace and a former garrison church from the 19th century, now serving as a Roman Catholic church.

In Łomża there is the North-Masovian Museum with rich collections on the history and culture of the region. There is also a Puppet and Actor Theater in the city. Łomża is also proud of its relationship with Hanka Bielicka, a famous actress who spent her childhood here. Hanka Bielicka's bench was placed in memory of her.

Due to its location on the Narew River, Łomża has numerous recreational and walking areas. They include, among others Boulevards with a playground, as well as the city beach.

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