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Lidzbark Warmiński is the historic capital of Warmia, a historic city, and now also a health resort that uses local thermal springs. Its main monument is the gothic castle that used to belong to the Warmian Chapter.

In the place of today's Lidzbark, there was a Warmów settlement until the first half of the 13th century. It was conquered by the Teutonic Knights and in 1251 handed over to the bishop of Warmia. From then on, the city's fate was closely related to the bishopric. Until the Second Partition of Poland, Warmian bishops resided here, and the last bishop residing here was the poet Ignacy Krasicki.

The most important monument related to the bishopric is the Castle of Warmia Bishops, which now houses the Museum of Warmia and Mazury. The castle, often called the Wawel of the North, is one of the most valuable Gothic buildings in this part of the country. In addition to the castle in Lidzbark, there is also the Church of St. Peter and Paul with a monastery and a vicar's house, which was built in the 14th century for the needs of the chapter here.

Within the old town in Lidzbark Warmiński, there are also fragments of the city walls and the High Gate, as well as many historic houses and tenement houses. One of them is a half-timbered house on Reja Street.

In the 21st century, the Warmian Baths located in the Osiedle Uzdrowiskowe started to grow into one of the main attractions of Lidzbark Warmiński. It is a modern complex of thermal pools connected with spa and wellness facilities.

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