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Krasnobród is a holiday and health resort in Roztocze. It is surrounded by forests cut by numerous hiking trails, and the main tourist center is a lagoon with a beach and water equipment rentals.

From the 17th century, Krasnobród was also developing as a center of religious tourism. There is the Krasnobrodzkie Marian Sanctuary created in connection with the apparitions that one of the local peasants was supposed to have here. Today the Chapel on the Water is located in the place where the Mother of God appeared to him, and the spring that flows under it is considered to have healing powers. In the past, the sanctuary in Krasnobród was looked after by the Dominicans. Currently, the monastery buildings host the Krasnobród Sacred Museum, the Museum of Harvest Wreaths and a small aviary.

From the very beginning of the town's existence, the local mineral springs were known. In the 17th century, among others, Marysieńka, wife of Sobiepan Zamoyski, and then of Jan III Sobieski. She attributed the recovery to the painting from the Krasnobród sanctuary and the local waters. During the plague, she ordered a chapel to be built over one of them. Roch, patron of the sick. It stands in the forest and is a popular destination for walks from Krasnobród.

Today Krasnobród has the status of a health resort, but it is mainly based on the local climate. There is a rehabilitation sanatorium for children here. Mineral waters are not exploited because the springs are too deep.

The big attraction of Krasnobród is the reservoir and the beach located above it. In summer, there is a swimming pool and numerous service facilities. There are also water and recreational equipment rentals. On the outskirts of the village, there is also a closed quarry with walking routes. On its edge there is a stone observation tower, whose architecture resembles the castle tower.

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