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Gallipoli is a small town in Puglia on the Ionian Sea. Its Greek name means "beautiful city" and perfectly reflects the character of the village. The picturesque, walled Old Town is located on an island. Boats and yachts moor around, and in the evenings the restaurants and bars are teeming with locals and tourists.

According to the Gallipoli tradition, they founded newcomers from Crete in the 7th century BC. Due to its strategic location, it was besieged by various armies many times in its history. They were destroyed by the Romans, Vandals, Byzantines, and Venetians. However, it has always been rebuilt. Today it is a picturesque seaside town with a marina and a fascinating climate of the Italian south.

Located on the island, the Old Town is surrounded by walls from the 14th century. A 17th-century stone bridge leads to it. Within the city walls there are several historic churches, mainly Baroque. It is also built here in the thirteenth century, and then transformed several times the palace of the Anjou with massive fortifications from the sea. Life is flourishing in the streets of the Old Town. There are restaurants and bars that serve seafood, fish and other Italian delicacies.

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