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Stolac is a historic town picturesquely situated in the Bregava valley. The new part of the city lies at the bottom of the valley, while the old town with preserved mosques and stone houses is located on the hillside.

The city began to develop in the 15th century after the Turkish invasion. It then became an important craft and trade center. It was then that the buildings of the old town of Stolac were built with the Sultan Salim Mosque, the Hajji Aliji Hadzisalihovic Mosque, the Clock Tower, the Turkovic Tower and houses of wealthy families, such as the House of Saric.

During the war in the former Yugoslavia at the end of the 20th century, a large part of the buildings were destroyed but rebuilt, thanks to which the old town still has its old charm. Due to the location of the old town, it can only be visited on foot walking along the cobbled streets that climb up the slope.

The attraction of Stolac and its surroundings is the Radimlja Necropolis. It is the graveyard of the bogomił sect that used to live in Bosnia. Along with several other such cemeteries from all over the country, it is entered on the UNESCO list.

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