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National Sculpture Museum

Local name: Museo Nacional de Escultura

The National Sculpture Museum was founded in the first half XIX century. In his collection there are unique examples of sculptural art from the late Middle Ages to the end of the 19th century. It is the largest museum in Spain on this subject. His pride is the greatest collection of wooden sculpture in Europe.

The main seat of the museum since 1993 is the phenomenal College of San Gregorio. This excellent building is considered a masterpiece of 15th century architecture. Its fantastic facade is a perfect example of the Isabelian style. The museum's collections are also exhibited in the 16th century Palacio de Villena and Casa del Sol.

The property also boasts a fantastic collection of religious paintings by prominent Spanish and Flemish artists. During Holy Week, the museum donates over 100 excellent works to the brotherhoods, which can then be admired during numerous processions.


Attractions inside

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    Calle Cadenas de San Gregorio 147011 Valladolid , Spain