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New Gate with Hinge

Local name: Puerta Nueva de Bisagra

The Puerta de Bisagra gate was the main entrance to the city of Toledo during the Moorish period. It was built in the tenth century on the ruins of previous buildings, but it was completely rebuilt during the reign of the Spanish rulers: Charles V and Philip II. The phenomenal object is decorated with a royal crown and Toledo coat of arms. It is now a gateway to the historic city center.

This impressive building currently consists of two parts separated by a square. The author of this Renaissance reconstruction was the famous architect and Spanish sculptor - Alonso de Covarrubias. After the hill in the second half The sixteenth century Puerta Nueva de Bisagra gate was closed. It was opened only on special occasions. Its former glory was not restored until 1905.

The name Puerta de Bisagra is derived from the Arabic word 'Bab-Shagra', which literally means 'holy door'.


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