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Ponferrada Castle of the Templars

Local name: Ponferrada Castillo de Los Templarios

The Templar Castle is located on the top of the hill and offers a good view of the city panorama and the river. Visitors can see the remains of the castle, the barbican, defensive walls, moat well and drawbridge. Inside the building you can see the armory, basement, chapel, wine cellar, hall, living room, courtyard, patio and tower.

The original building in this place has existed since ancient times. It performed a typically defensive function, being first a fort and then a citadel. In the 9th century it was completely destroyed. Its reconstruction took place in the eleventh century. In the 12th century, the building was handed over to the Knights Templar, who hosted pilgrims following the path of St. James. After the dissolution of the order, the castle served the rulers of the León region. Over the centuries, the building underwent various types of reconstruction.


Attractions inside

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