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Castle of Peñafiel

Local name: Castillo de Peñafiel

The castle in Peñafiel was erected at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries. Situated on a picturesque hill, the monumental fortress was declared a national monument. It is the largest and best preserved object of this type in Castile. The stronghold was built of regional limestone, which gave it a characteristic shade of white. The castle impresses with its thick, double walls with a specific, elongated shape. The showcase of the building is the huge tower 'Torre del Homenaje', from which you can admire phenomenal views of the area.

The stronghold was of key strategic importance and was conquered only once. In the second half The 10th century castle was taken by the Arabs, but 30 years later the fortress was recaptured. Count Sancho García, commander of the Castilians, then said the famous phrase: 'Desde hoy en adelante esta será la peña más fiel de Castilla' ('From today it will be the most faithful rock of Castile'), from which the name of the city comes from.

One of the castle rooms is also the seat of the fantastic Provincial Wine Museum. You can not only learn about the history of viticulture in these areas, but also taste local products.


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