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La Mota Castle

Local name: Castillo de la Mota

La Mota Castle was built at the turn of the 14th and 15th centuries. Located on a picturesque hill, the building bears the status of a national monument. The monumental, medieval fortress was made of characteristic, local red brick. The fortress, rebuilt many times, is now a great example of the mudéjar style. The heart of the object is a phenomenal castle chapel. Its interior is decorated with a unique ivory crucifix and an original map of the world made of a thousand tiles.

Over the centuries, the castle performed many functions. During the reign of Henry IV and John I it was used as the Royal Archives. Due to its huge size in the 16th century it was an arsenal of artillery. In the 17th century, the castle was a prison in which the famous Spanish conquistador Hernando Pizarro and the Italian cardinal Caesar Borgia were detained.

The name of the castle comes from the Spanish word 'la mota', which literally means hill.


Attractions inside

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    Avenida del Castillo s/n47400 Medina del Campo , Spain